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Let's keep this short and sweet, ok? My name is Dale Sande and I am a career long designer turned UX'er turned UX Engineer / front-end developer. My career has spanned countless project going all the way back to the dark days of the Internet.

Having worked with major companies like Getty Images, Microsoft and BestBuy, as well as startups in the Seattle and SF area like Code Fellows and AppDirect, I have almost seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly.

This blog covers a wide range of topics in the front-end space, mainly things that just happen to grab my interest enough to come up with some kind of opinion. Because ... we need more opinions o_O

Anyway, aside from my blog I have contributed to society in other ways. A good friend Kianosh Pourian and I wrote a couple books on Sass that you can read for free at Gitbook.com.

In addition, I worked with Treehouse to produce a course on Advanced Sass and most recently, a course on Front-End Web Optimization.

One of my more well known articles was Sass: Clean out your Junk Drawer. From that post, I was invited to speak at the first ever Sass Conf in New York. Treehouse was also there to capture this event, so if you are interested in watching that, be sure to check out**.

** There is adult language in this presentation O_O

I hope you enjoy my rants and if interested, feel free to follow my on Twitter @anotheruiguy.

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